Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Power Talk on Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Power Talk on Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Power Talk on Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn from Tony Robbins Power Talk on Personal Power 2

Mindset Learn Interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra, guided by Tony Robbins about Psychoneuroimmunology

Dr. Deepak Chopra, from India, expert in Ayurveda and Teaching Growth Mindsets says: Have we missed out on perhaps a few billion years of learning experience ?
The human body, as it turns out is an exquisite pharmacy, it makes every drug that any medical company makes and more. Better quality, the right dose, the right target organ, no side effects, cheaper – and all the instructions are there in the packaging. And it’s evolved over billions of years of evolutionary time.



Mindset Learn Extra about the cause of disease in the body

So why not use this huge library of information ?
What prevents us in doing that is what I call The hypnosis of social conditioning.
It’s a violation of basic simple laws of nature that make our body function. There are simple processes going on in our body all the time. And these processes are:

1. Eating

2. Breathing

3. Digestion

4. Metabolism

5. Elimination
and something that controls all of this. And that’s Consciousness. Thought.
At a very fundamental level. Non-verbal. Not linguistically structured and verbally elite and speaking English with an Indian accent. But communication, a network of communication and intelligence, and information which is controlling all these processes. You get in touch with these processes and you eliminate 95% of all disease. You can even reverse most of disease if you get in touch with these life processes. That leaves about 5-6% of disease which is genetic. But even genetic disease is the stress of our ancestors. If we pay attention to what we are doing in our generation we’ll be doing the next generation a lot of good.


Mindset Learn about the superstition of materialism

Tony Robbins Mindset Learn is: Whatever we’re certain about really in our heart of hearts, seems to show up in our body. I think I read once that you said: The body is a print out of our consistent thoughts or our consciousness.
Tell me what is the biggest misconception that we have about the human body ?
What is the metaphor we’re using that’s keeping us locked in where we’re always at the effect of, rather than understanding that we’re truly the cause of our experience ?


Dr. Deepak Chopra in his Mindset Learn says: The biggest mistake is that we’re steeped in the superstition of materialism.


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