Mindset Learn Jeffrey Gitomer Little Red Book of Selling

Mindset Learn Jeffrey Gitomer Little Red Book of Selling

Mindset Learn Jeffrey Gitomer Little Red Book of Selling

Mindset Learn Jeffrey Gitomer Little Red Book of Selling

Jeffrey Gitomer writes on his own website – Gitomer Defined (git-o-mer) n.
 1. a creative, on-the-edge, writer and speaker whose expertise on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development is world renowned. 2. known for presentations, seminars and keynote addresses that are funny, insightful, and in your face. 3. real world. 4. off the wall. 5. on the money. 6. gives audiences information they can take out in the street one minute after the seminar is over and turn it into money.



Mindset Learn with Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey has some good Mindset Learn pointers for salespeople that want to achieve greatness in their field on a daily basis. And facing the facts, we’re all a kind of salesperson – even in a very small way – every day when we promote ourselves to other people at work or in the privacy of our family or relations. So as this post is more on changing your mindset with Mindset Learn than selling, there are some similarities that arise from the book dedicated to people wanting to serve other people (customers) with their products on an ongoing basis.


This may not be the perception that you have of salespeople, and yet these people have chosen a profession that requires them to be more outgoing than most of us prefer to be – and often they seem to like it!


So why is this book relevant to a non-salesperson ? Apart from the dedicated sales jargon, it is said that the hardest part of selling is to face the fear of rejection while still being positive. And the fear of rejection we all know to well, be it personal or work related.


Selling is all about daily personal development – training and expanding your Mindset Learn – with the outcome of building relationships with other people, done in a friendly manner, and mastering excellent language skills so that other people are interested in hearing them speak – so selling is the act of creating an environment where people want to buy and come back again and again !


Take the Growth Mindset Test via Carol Dweck’s homepage.


Mindset Learn from Jeffrey Gitomer – 12.5 Principles of Life-long Learning Mindset Lessons

The Mindset Learn principles are based on the life experience og Jeffrey Gitomer, being a successful writer, columnist and speaker for more than 20 years :


1. Start with a positive attitude – grow your passion
Gather the information of positive people in your library.
(link) Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, W. Clement Stone, Maxwell Maltz, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightengale, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn etc.


2. Listen to audio tapes
Own several sets and play them in your car.


3. Read books
Build your library and read one book a month. See also Mindset Book
12. Spend 30 minutes a day learning something new


Mindset Learn Extra – Humor

If you ever expand your Mindset Learn with a foreign language, the very last thing you do is learn humor. The hardest thing to do in a foreign language is make a joke. Humor is the most difficult of nuances to master, and when you do, you have the basis for solid intellectual rapport and solid intellectual engagement.


The essence of humor is that it is relaxing and creates a more open atmosphere. An atmosphere that will breed friendship, respect and compatibility. The reason why Jeffrey refers to it as the final frontier – is that it’s the last element that you put into the relationship process. If you don’t consider yourself a funny person, study humor or read about how to become more humorous.


Also to expand your Mindset Learn on humor:


1. Read joke books, or books that are funny
2. Watch and listen to children very carefully
3. Take an acting class
4. Start looking for humor in your everyday life
5. Hang around funny people


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Therefore, start today by building a Positive Mental Attitude and plan your Mindset Learn !