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A set of assumptions and thought processes that create a strong motivation to continue to acquire new – or accept previous behavioral patterns. Also called “mental inertia”.
So having a mindset means, to act from a set of core beliefs and values, that enhance your state of well being regardless of what is going on in the external world of business, personal relationship hassle or what the broadcast media choose to show you that day (Growth Mindset compared to Fixed Mindset).
See article about Growth Mindset from HR Matters Magazine


Learning to implement and appreciative inquiry at the micro level, meaning to champion our successes and progress, however small they may seem – is a transformational strategy that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for most people. Furthermore, to erase words like “impossible” and “difficult” from the vocabulary may spark a new beginning searching for words to describe a given problem in a new and productive way.

Change requires urgency

Changing our mindset is possible, and requires focused conscious attention, like any other new kind of strategy that requires implementation. The learning period is individual and affected by the urgency with which we value the change.
Any effective strategy can be divided into three simple steps:
– Why?
– How?
– Outcome?
An effective why is usually phrased positively and with a certain passion for changing the previous strategy. Focus on what you want to, rather than “don’t want to”.
An effective how, incorporates selective systems ie. externally referenced persons or interactive points (social media) that ensures progression and stamina are a “public” matter.
The outcome is the motivation, and is usually most effective when described as “a feeling of …”, since our body chemistry in general overrules what the brain wants us to do.

Focus may require daily training

1. Get serious about the “why-how-outcome” and treat your plan for action with urgency
Without the passion and motivation, stop wasting your time.

2. Interview 3-5 experts in the given area that you want to develop a specific mindset for
Always talk to the experts that have hands-on experience in their field, stop listening to “free advice”. (Growth Mindset compared to Fixed Mindset)

3. Engage in a like-minded network of people changing/developing their mindset
Learn from the experts taking the steps, regardless of their content – or you may even get seriously interested.


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Therefore, grow your mind – grow your life by setting criteria for your Mindset!