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Mindset Training 5 tips for a Growth Mindset

Mindset Training 5 tips for a Growth Mindset

Mindset Training makes the foundation of a Growth Mindset

You have the potential to be the best you can be, and if you’re still closing the distance – it’s partly because of the continuous attention grabbers that are a part of your every day life in this expanding global society. The truth is, however, that you’re the one that let’s these attention grabbers like TV, internet, social media, extra long working hours etc. get the hours and days of your life – until you STOP IT and start with some invaluable Mindset Training Steps !
The first rule of Mindset Training is to look at what you’re doing right, which sustains your short or long term goals, and also what you’re doing “wrong” that removes your focus from where you really want to be or what you want to have.
The majority of people never write on a piece of paper (computer) what they want to achieve in say 6 – 12 months, and guess what ? Therefore they never achieve what they want ! So start Changing Your Mindset now.
So it all starts with being honest about yourself, no procrastination and no distraction – just honesty about how you’ve been “going through the motions” without any Mindset Restraint Training. 


Growth Mindset Training requires setting your mindset for growth

Mindset Training begins with a change (a decision) and ultimately produces change in the direction that you want. If you’ve never before made a clear unwavering no-nonsense decision, setting up a fail safe system for Mindset Training is an essential part of the plan.
Your peers, colleagues or even partner in life may obstruct your new found resolve, as a human mechanism ie. the fear of being left behind or in front of an unknown change – adapted from Special Forces Mental Training. These forces in between our relations are very strong, and may require that you set up a plan for Mindset Training alone for this obstacle, before you proceed with the actual Mindset Training of achieving your goal(s).


Mindset Training creates laser like focus on mindset growth

Mindset Training has a second rule, which is all about focus focus focus.
Your values, beliefs, limitations and actions – will on a daily basis presumably trip you up, as you succumb to emotions of the moment or this non-ending relentless information overload via social- or cable media networks! Well, maybe a bit exaggerated, and still to the point if you don’t keep your focus “on the ball” with your Mindset Training. To plan for success in your Mindset Training you dig up a strong enough “why” before you develop the action plan of “how to”. The “why” is a proactive result driven “why”, more than a problem or a victim role perspective. This will in time keep you focused and continuously add to your growth mindset


Mindset Training makes progress easy with mindset growth

Mindset Training has a third and final rule, which is all about keeping the progress in a flow or easily sustainable pace.
“I will go anywhere, provided it is forward” – David Livingstone
Your “stamina index”, or resolve to keep going no matter what people say, or (almost) whatever kind of obstacle you face – will be the determining factor of whether you achieve your goal or start telling yourself a story of “why it wasn’t that important” or “this and that got in the way” or some other story that will get you back (and keep you) in your comfort zone.
Too many people give up when the going has been tough for a while, and often just before they make a breakthrough.
“Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight” – Japanese Proverb.


Mindset Training the 5 tips in summary

Mental training and the three rules have been explained above, so you may also add the following two optional (and just as important) steps to lay the foundation of a new beginning and a successful ending:

1. Change = honesty
2. Focus = why and how to
3. Progress = get up more times than you fall down
4. Fail safe = set up a “buddy system” so your plan is “public”
5. Timeframe = Write your plan to complete at a specific date/ time


Get out of your comfort zone – and into your living zone!

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Grow your mind – grow your life by cultivating a plan for Mindset Training