Mindset Training 5 tips for a Growth Mindset

Mindset Training for Life

Mindset Training

Mindset Training for life

The greatest barrier towards success is your MIND (approx. 7 pounds of 24-7-365 super computer), and that’s why it is so important to understand what a powerful resource you have available to you all the time. Knowing is not enough (knowledge), you also need to know how to put this resource to use as you go through life (action) pursuing your Growth Mindset Training.
Modern research has shown that contrary to what was previously believed, the human brain can in fact be rewired via Mindset Restraint Training!
 The adult brain has the ability to do this through neuroplasticity. It retains much of the plasticity of the developing brain and can even grow new neurons to repair damaged regions.
See article about Changing Your Mindset and a Growth Mindset from HR Matters Magazine

Mindset Training splits your identity from your actions

Everyone has a mental blueprint or picture of themselves that tells them who they think they are. No matter how much you may want to change in an area of your life, you will not succeed for long if the self-image or blueprint that you hold differs. For example, if someone sees themselves as a failure, even when they succeed they will find some way to mess things up bringing them back to the failure they see themselves as. It then proves what they truly believe deep down.
Clearing the mind of destructive, negative thoughts is crucial in order to attain permanent results.

Mindset Training can change you

Changing your Mental Model is crucial to your ability to attain your full potential and success in life. If your Mindset is keeping you from your dreams and living your life with passion, then it’s time to dismantle some long held false beliefs and rewire your mind via Mindset Training to get a growth mindset.

Mindset Training prepares you to achieve goals

Mental Training is usually a set of procedures and exercises that can help you to be more efficient and better prepared mentally when you try to accomplish your goals. Mental Training in brief creates the performance in your mind before you actually do it. This means that you prepare yourself for performance, and convince yourself that it can be done. You do this by entering the situation with your imagination and experiencing it as though it’s happening right now. Visualization is therefore also an important part of Special Forces Mental Training.

Mindset Training compared to mindfulness

Mental training is in contrast to mindfulness based on self-hypnosis, where you activate your subconscious mind to help you with what you want to achieve. Since our subconscious mind is a very vast resource, that we usually don’t enable in our everyday life unless for the body’s automatic processes, you will soon find that you begin to experience a positive change.

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Therefore, grow your mind – grow your life by cultivating a plan for Mindset Training!