Mindset are beliefs — beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities like intelligence, talents, your personality. Do you think that these qualities are fixed traits or things you can cultivate throughout your life? Mindset fosters motivation and boosts productivity whether you are in business, sports, a job or any other walk of life.



Growth Mindset


You can develop a growth mindset by accepting the fact that intelligence and ability can be honed and developed over time. You will realize that these qualities give a boost to your motivation, learning and success. When you will want to focus on improvement and not equate everything to being smart you will realize that you learn more! Research has shown that people have more capability for learning all their life and developing their brain than they give themselves credit for. Of course, each person has a unique genetic endowment. Even if you begin your life with a certain aptitude and temperament, over time with life experiences, training and motivation to change you can make positive improvements in your life. Robert Sternberg, the present-day guru of intelligence observed that expertise can be gained by engagement and is not solely dependent on ability. He remarks that expertise “is not some fixed prior ability, but purposeful engagement.” Even Alfred Binet (inventor of IQ test) noted, that smartness is not something ingrained in you from birth but can be cultivated over time.


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Mindset Achievement


Thomas Edison did not achieve great things suddenly. To invent the light bulb he worked with over 30 assistants who were skilled and trained in their job and were motivated to spend countless hours in the laboratory. The light bulb did not come about in a flash of brilliance but through concerted effort.

Edison acclaimed as a genius was seen by Paul Israel, his biographer as pretty much a normal, regular boy. He did note that his drive to excel and mindset are what set him apart from others.



Mindset in Business and Leadership


There is excessive focus today on talent alone in fields like business and sports. There are people with unparalleled natural ability in all walks of life, however too much focus on talent alone can be a peril. This is what Enron saw when it created a culture of their complete faith in talent in which employees seemed more focused on acting and coming across as more talented than they were. It also fostered a“in-thebox”mindset where people are not too open to learn new ways and improve on their weak areas. Learn more about Mindset Book.


Mindset and Relationships


Mindset creates another viewpoint. It brings to light things like why people shy away from learning skills they need or even use the ones that they possess or why some relationships don’t work and bring a lot of pain for the ones involved while others keep getting stronger with time.


Change your Mindset


We constantly monitor and interpret what we do. People with a non-Growth Mindset (Fixed) create an internal monologue that is focused on judging. People with a Growth Mindset are aware to its implications for Mindset Learn and constructive action. So which kind of Mindset do you have ? Read more about the different Mindsets.


During the course of your life you can keep improving your mindset and adjusting your Mindset Learn – you can start today via our app iMindsetmax !