Mental Health

Mental Health


Mental Health definition


Mental health can be described as a level of psychological well-being, or the lack of a mental disorder. Mental Health includes an individual’s capacity to enjoy life, and a balance between life pursuits and efforts to achieve psychological pliability. It also refers to the ability to successfully adapt to a wide range of demands that life puts on us. If you ever are in doubt about your mental health then don’t hesitate to, consider taking an online Mental Health Assessment or visiting your local Mental Health Facility.



WHO definition:


Mental Health can also be viewed as a state of well-being in which an individual understands his or her own abilities, can manage with the usual stresses of life, can work effectively and fruitfully, and is able to offer some amount of support to his or her community. There are varied types of mental health problems, some of which are widespread, such as depression (More about our Depression Test here) and anxiety related disorders, and some not so widespread, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


Behavioral Symptoms:


• Falling attendance and performing at work or school
• Getting into trouble routinely (fights, illegal happenings)
• Substance abuse in physically hazardous conditions like while driving or working on a machine
• Involving yourself in mysterious or suspicious behaviors
• Major Changes in desire for food or sleep patterns
• Baffling changes in personality or attitude
• Mood swings, bad temper, or angry outbursts
• Lacking in motivation


Some simple yet effective Mental Health tools:


1. Connect with other people
2. Stay in a positive frame of mind
3. Get bodily active
4. Try and help others
5. Look to get enough sleep
6. Eat health and eat well
7. Take care of your spirit
8. Don’t be afraid to get professional help if you think you might need it


Why does Mental Health Matter


Good and positive mental health is critical for creating the fulfilling life you want.


You might think that only people with mental illnesses need to pay special attention to their mental health.


Infact, your emotions, feelings and attitudes influence your energy, mindset, productivity and overall health and wee being. It increases your ability to better cope with everyday issues and more severe crises and tests.


Just as you take a bath daily and look to eat responsibly, you can also take measures for promoting your mental health. A great way to kick start is to start learning a growth mindset.You can start this journey today via our app iMindsetmax !


Do you often read about the various types of mental health problems and refer to other mental health resources? Challenge yourself to grow and expand via Mental Health!


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So keep challenging yourself to grow and expand via Mental Health!