Mind Set or Mindset

Mind Set or Mindset


Mind Set or Mindset: Understanding what it is


Noted German physicist Albert Einstein once remarked that: “A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”. It is true that many times you need another person’s perspective or someone to think from a different frame of mind to help you solve your problems. You need to expand your level of consciousness to solve your own problems. Consider the Mind-set of someone dedicated to excellence.



Mindset and Sports


Mind Set and Mindset Training is what separates the good athletes from the great ones – the champions – from others.

Sport is as much about talent as it is about the mental toughness. It’s really the right mindset, which helps sportspeople excel in their respective skills and not just talent. Do people have the same mindset with respect to different qualities or interests in life? Not necessarily.


People can hold one mindset about intelligence and a completely different one about politics or sports. Whichever Mind Set they hold about sports or politics will help them make their choices and drive their motivation in those fields and in sync with their own Mindset Definition.


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Mind Set and Motivation


Mindset creates completely diverse motivations for people. The Fixed Mindset, in which you have only a limited amount of a valued talent or capability, makes people to want to look good at all times. It has been observed that people will often in fact, throw away important learning opportunities if they hold the risk of exposing their shortcomings. Learn more about this in the Mindset Book.


So, Fixed Mindset does not give people the flexibility to work on their weaknesses because any shortcoming can point to a inherent lack of ability. In the fixed mindset it’s not enough for you to just succeed or look smart and talented. You have to be pretty much impeccable. And you have to be impeccable right away. It’s like, if you have it you have it, and if you don’t then you don’t.


Having the belief that your abilities are static creates the importance to prove yourself over and over. It simply wouldn’t suffice to look or feel lacking in these most basic traits.


In contrast, the Growth Mindset, in which you can progress your ability, leads people to want to learn and grow. It makes them put a premium on Mindset Learn as a personality characteristic.



Mindset about lying


It has been observed that students in a Fixed Mindset lie about their deficiencies. In the Mind Set study by (Mueller & Dweck, 1998) students were asked to perform some very challenging sets of tasks and then were asked to write about their experiences to students in another school whom they would never meet. There was an area on the sheet where they were asked to report their scores.


Close to 40% of the students in the fixed mindset, possibly feeling that their poor scores were a reflection of their permanent aptitude, lied about their scores. In contrast only 13% of those in the Growth Mindset saw fit to fabricate their performance. Largely, those in the fixed mindset didn’t think they should make errors!


Mindset and ability


Mindset of growth aids people in believing that they can cultivate their abilities. In other words, they consider talents or skills as something that can be developed through practice. It’s not that people possessing this mindset reject differences among people. They realize that some people may be better or faster than others at obtaining certain skills, but what they focus on is the belief that everyone can improve over time.


Are people’s mindsets linked to their degree of ability in that area? No, at least not to begin with. People with all degrees of ability can possess whichever Mind Set, but over time those with the Growth Mindset seem to have an advantage (Aronson, Fried, & Good, 2002; Blackwell, Trzesniewski , & Dweck, 2006; Good, Aronson, & Inzlicht, 2003; Robins & Pals, 2002).


Altering your Mindset to a Positive one is possible, though a mindset consists of fairly firm beliefs, but they are beliefs, and beliefs can be changed.


We suggest that you during the course of your life keep changing your Mindset – you can start today to move towards a positive mindset via our app iMindsetmax !