Mindset Definition

Mindset Definition


Mindset Definition

What Is Mindset?

A mindset is like a set of conventions, rules and approaches that you or a group of people get accustomed to. These can be so deep-rooted in you or a group that it trains the mind to think in a certain way. This is also referred to as mental inertia, or group thinking. Mindset can also be seen as beliefs — beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities like intelligence, talents, your personality. Do you think that these qualities are fixed traits or things you can cultivate throughout your life? Mindset fosters motivation and boosts productivity whether you are in business, sports, a job or any other walk of life.

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Mindset can be defined as to how people approach or look at any given situation in life. People with varied mindsets can look at the same situation with very different perspectives. Mindset can also be categorized as how you perceive life and what is your general philosophy of life. Motivation is what feeds a mindset and gives you the desire to keep going on and help you establish core beliefs and values and also a positive state of well being. There are many different mindsets and it is possible to change your mindset over time. You can change and improve your mindset constantly to help you achieve greater goals in life.

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