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Consider that we bring our basic suppositions to every conclusion and action we take. They may needlessly lead us in the wrong direction if left unexamined. Perception may not always truly be reality, so when it comes to how we approach various encounters and opportunities, a mindset is what determines the world we see and the possibilities we apprehend.



Altering your mindset is possible, and requires daily dedicated conscious attention along with a mindset learn effort (ie. planned timing), like any other new kind of skill or habit that requires implementation. The learning period is highly individual and influenced by the urgency with which we want the change. By creating your own personal Mindset Definition mindset list, you are able to get your value system out of your headspace and on paper to make it more tangible, which will make you among the top 3% of the world’s population that write down their goals. Creating an action plan to achieve your penned down goals, and persevering to fulfill your goals via a Growth Mindset effort, helps you enter into the top 1% of the world’s population.


Mindset Learn Paradox


The biggest threat to success is avoiding failure. One of the most provoking aspects of Professor Carol Dweck’s work is what it says about our attitude towards challenges. In a Fixed Mindset, you avoid situations which are challenging in order to avoid failure since success depends upon defending and promoting your set of fixed qualities and covering up your deficiencies. If you do fail, you lay emphasis on justifying the failure rather than learning from it and expanding your capabilities. 

With a Growth Mindset, you focus on development and learning rather than the fear of failure and actively chase the types of challenges that will likely lead to both failure and learning. You can read and learn more about what it means to be Teaching and practising Growth Mindsets via Mindset Learn. 

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Mindset Learn why?


You should not make a permanent decision, based on a temporary emotion. A Mindset Learn is like the ultimate toolbox comprising of an individual value system and relevant supporting beliefs, to help you navigate throughout the numerous interactions with other people. We have to give up the life we have planned, in order to really experience the life that is waiting for us. A Fixed Mindset makes us go into a protected comfort zone without any drive for a Mindset Learn. You can take the Growth Mindset Test via Carol Dweck’s hoempage Mindset Online.


Mindset Learn Extra inspiration – Some Mindset Lessons

#1: Stop Thinking “I Can’t”, do focus on what you want and can

Next time you realize that you have a mindset that is making you believe that, “I can’t write a book” or “I can’t learn to drive a car” or “I can’t paint”, Reassess!

You might not be in a position to do those things yet… that doesn’t mean you don’t have the capability and that you never will.

Similarly you always have room for improvement and to take a already mastered skill even further… if you want to. 

#2: You can start saying “What else could this possibly mean?”

Many a times we get caught up in reading another person’s mind, attitude, actions or body language Stop and Reassess!

You may want to ask the other person what their actions mean, that give you the chance to restore your balance instead of reacting on “auto pilot”. 

#3: Keep Trying New Things

Trying out new things slowly expands your comfort zone, and opens new opportunities to achieve greater goals.

Take small steps in the beginning. Mindset Learn is fundamentally a social activity. The learner, challenged with a task- say rappelling, works out how to pull it off. The support of peers and the direction and confidence of the loaned consciousness of the teacher allow the learner to take the risk of stepping out and trying something different.


We recommend that you during the course of your life keep building on your Mindset Learn – you can start today via our app iMindsetmax !