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Global Mindset


Creating a Global Mindset that recognizes the cultural differences between countries and bridges this gap is essential to the success of anybody in our global community.
People differ in how they sense and interpret the world that they see around them. So do establishments. And these dissimilarities matter. They matter because it is how we observe our environment as well as ourselves which governs a host of opportunities and difficulties we go after and how we do so.
Global Mindset can be defined as one that can amalgamate an openness to and consciousness of diversity across cultures and markets with an inclination and aptitude to see common ground across countries and markets. 


Global Mindset benefits


If you’re in business, and new to establishing a Business Mindset, and interacting globally for professional purposes, developing a global mindset is imperative for your success. Your skill for effective and appropriate communication and the ability to manage business cross-culturally will make all the difference to your success. 

A global mindset makes the people and organization much more proactive in benchmarking and learning from product and process innovations outside its domestic borders. It also renders the organization much more alert to the entry of nontraditional (that is, foreign) competitors in its local market. 

In today’s globalized market, it is always possible (and increasingly likely) that, whether your business is based locally, a global consolidator will acquire one of your local competitors and change the rules of what you viewed as just a local game. 

Leaders who possess a global mindset, the Mindset of Leadership, are able to view situations from a variety of perspectives, develop trusting relationships with individuals from different contexts, and identify promising routes to successful collaboration. 

Because the United States is still a dominating economic power, professionals in many (though not all) other countries will adapt to the American style and language. However, behind that grace is a person whose world is probably very different from your own. It will do you a great deal of good if you learn about that other mindset and style and integrate both into your own communication: the way you speak, write, behave and also listen.



Global Mindset serves as a compass


Global Mindset can help translate company values into practices by creating commonly understood guidelines for recognizing and solving problems. In other words, this mindset provides the organization and its members with a predisposition to see the world in a certain way, and they give rise to commonly understood explanations for why things work the way they do – both inside and outside the organization. They help focus an organization on appropriate solutions and establish rules of thumb that can help guide individual and organizational behaviors. Ultimately, a this mindset can serve as a compass and guide an organization in making effective, coordinated decisions and achieving strong results. 

A global mindset will aid in helping you see the world form a different perspective and appreciate the other person’s point of view. You’ll have some sense of their culture, values, likes & dislikes and priorities. 

You’ll be more compassionate and sensitive about other peoples customs and ways of doing business. You will be more prepared in terms of what to expect from your colleagues abroad and also what say or not to say, when to do something and the likes. 

You’ll also be more relaxed and be yourself while doing business in environments that are different for you but make your associate feel at home. 


Global Mindset requires an effort


Creating a global mindset does not come easily. It has to be developed over time. 

Doing so however, fosters an ability to connect with people from different cultural backgrounds, a skill that proves invaluable when pursuing global business opportunities.
Smart international corporations are beginning to understand the importance of developing global mindsets within their ranks. To learn more about global mindset, see the new book about Global Mindset published by Harvard Business Review Press. 

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