Growth Mindset


Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset


Definition of Growth Mindset


People with a growth mindset, see their abilities and talents as things that can be developed over a period of time through dedication and effort. They recognize the fact that no one has ever accomplished great things be it Mozart, Einstein, or even  Michael Jordan without years of extensive practice and learning.



Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset


As Albert Einstein once famously said: “A problem can’t be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”, which in essence denotes that it is extremely difficult for us to think out-of-the-box for a solution when the problem was created from within our conscious and mindful boundaries. To a large extent, our core beliefs and value system gets set during childhood. We tend to refer to that value system all our life till we come across someone who inspires us by their approach to solving a problem


Growth Mindset helps us do away with words like “impossible” or “difficult” and implores us to think of a problem with a new set of eyes in a more open and productive way.


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Growth Mindset enhances motivation


When students and educationalists have a growth mindset, they realize that intelligence can be developed over time. Students tend to focus on improving constantly and not worrying about how smart they are. They work continuously to learn more and hence get smarter. It has been observed that students who learn this kind of a growth mindset show greater motivation in school, get better grades, and achieve higher test scores.


Growth Mindset Increases Motivation and Achievement


It has also been observed through studies and tests that students with growth mindset show increased effort and engagement compared to the ones without the growth mindset. In fact in the absence of growth mindset it has been seen that students tend to show declining grades and hence less interest and effort in contrast to students with growth mindset who showed a keen interest in learning.


You can try the Growth Mindset Test via Carol Dweck for more insights.


It denotes that Intellect is Malleable


Growth mindset has been getting scientific validation from cognitive psychology and also from neuroscience. For instance, neuroscientists observed students during their teenage years. For a large number of students, they learned about substantial variations in their performance on verbal and non-verbal IQ tests. On using neuroimaging, they discovered corresponding changes in the concentration of neurons in the pertinent brain areas for these students.

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