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Carol S. Dweck wrote Mindset Book – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success was written focusing on how different attitudes influence the way that people view both themselves and their communication with other people. She maintains that there are two basic mindsets that people have: Fixed Mindset and the growth mindset


Mindset Book and Growth Mindset beliefs


People with a growth mindset have faith in their abilities, and believe that abilities like athleticism and mathematical capacity, can be bettered through hard graft and perseverance. When posed with an obstacle, people with a growth mindset are likely to rise to the challenge. These people don’t view obstacles with any fear of failure but more as an opportunity to better themselves via Mindset Learn.


Business: Mindset Book and Leadership


A person with a growth mentality in their workplace will focus on making a project succeed so that everyone involved with it can be successful.  More often than not people with a growth mindset will relish taking on the hardest tasks in their quest to be successful. A Leader with a growth mentality will look to do a whole lot to assist you in improving, because with the improvements you get better and also make the team look and perform better.



A person with a fixed mentality focuses on making themselves look better even at the expense of others. Gossip is a great indicator of this. Projects where everyone avoids taking up the hard tasks is another one. An overbearing leader who takes credit for everything is yet another sign. A place of work devoid of people with initiative and collaborating is one that can’t produce amazing things.


Growth Mindset Associations and Mindset Book


Some people let relationship experiences to wound them and stop them from entering into sustaining relationships in the future. Others are able to reconcile with the situation and move on. People with a fixed mindset let relationships affect them while people with growth mindset look to learn from the experience and don’t take it personally. People with a growth mindset learn to move on while people with a fixed mindset take it as permanent blemish.


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