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An extraordinary psychology today is what’s needed in the fast paced life of today, more than ever. With the rising demands of many responsibilities, relationships and fast expanding technology – psychology today (see Psychology Today Articles in Psychology Today Magazine) has to be strong and always acclimatizing.



Psychology today is the future


Self-criticism seems to have a great effect on our body. The amygdala is the most primogenital part of the brain, and is intended to promptly detect threats in the environment. When we encounter a intimidating situation, the fight-or-flight reaction is triggered: The amygdala directs signals which increase adrenaline, blood pressure, and the cortisol (hormone), energy and the strength needed to get round a threat. Even though this system was intended by evolution to deal with bodily attacks, it is activated just as promptly, by emotional ones as well. The securer people feel, the more flexible and open they can be in terms of their environment, and this is revealed in how much their heart rate changes in response to inducements. With psychology today we can ease out our painful emotions with the help of self-compassion. This not only helps us in changing our emotional and mental experiences but also altering our body chemistry. An effective facet of the self-compassion exercise is to extract and energize our body’s self-healing system via physical sensations. (For more refer to Psychology Today Magazine Articles)


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Mindset psychology today


Developing inquisitiveness for a Mindset Learn, which entails being open to new beliefs and things, you will begin on your passage to a Growth Mindset, where hardship and diversity are opportunities to develop as a human being.


NLP psychology today


Understanding that everything is subjective perception via the discipline of Neuro Linguistic Programming, will help you to believe – that the past events do not equate to the future events. Every experience of your life, can be negated, at least at the emotional level which provides you with leverage to move on and observe the world and the people around you in a more productive way.



Enneagram psychology today

The Enneagram, initially introduced in Europe during the 1920’s, and later in the USA during the 1950’s helps you to relate to 9 highly individual and different behavioral and thinking patterns. Every Enneagram type, has its own motivations and fears, and may educate you as to why you have been doing and behaving the way you have been, all your life.


Extended DISC psychology today

The development of the DISC Assessment in the 1990’s to Extended DISC, will help you understand the personality traits and motivational behavior that define you, and particularly the extent of personal energy you utilize when shifting from your personal comfort zone to the requirements of the work environment.


Hypnosis psychology today

Gaining access to the subconscious mind, can give you renewed energy since the conscious mind is typically burdened with information during every day life. Tapping into the ability of the subconscious mind, which is several times more prevailing than the conscious mind, may also be the only way for you to alter some restrictive beliefs that will assist you in striving for the results you want.


Metamedicine psychology today

Meta-medicine helps you to understand about your gifted body and the auto-repair mechanisms in it. It helps you understand that unsettled powerful feelings may disrupt the balance on an innate cellular level in the body. Meta-medicine, however, is NOT an alternate for medical attention, BE IN CHARGE and refer a physician if you’re in not sure.


Thought Field Therapy – TFT – psychology today

Ancient Chinese medicine is the foundation of Thought Field Therapy, which has the capability to revolutionize the delivery of psychotherapy. With its astonishing success rate of more than 90% for most psychological problems, and its rapid and unique treatment process, TFT contests conventional theories of psychotherapy.
Contrary to many forms of psychotherapy in which the emotional pain is transformed to more amenable positive emotions, TFT on staying in the painful emotion and eliminating or reducing the discomfort.


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