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iEnneagram TEST

The iEnneagram TEST application gives you:

  1. TEST – Easy Enneagram personality test pinpoints Enneagram type
  2. TEST – Access to 9 Enneagram types of behavior
  3. TEST – Personality test information for the Enneagram types

Price: $0.99

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iEnneagram TEST

iEnneagram TEST – Easy Enneagram test and personality test awareness

iEnneagram TEST app

Enneagram TEST – Take the easy and best Enneagram test: A personality test that gives you increased awareness about yourself and others.

The iEnneagram TEST iPhone or Android application gives you the tools you need to identify your exact Enneagram type. You also understand the key features and characteristics of each type, so you can respond and react accordingly.

Enneagram TEST app content

This application contains:

– 1 Enneagram personality test that guides you to deeper understanding

– 12 sections explaining the required Enneagram theory

What is the Enneagram Test all about and how does the iEnneagram TEST help you

The Enneagram is a typology of 9 different personality types that explains 9 different deep rooted behavioural and thinking patterns, which can give you the insight and the ability to change your own limiting actions.

If you’ve ever wondered why you think the way you do or why people behave the way they do or how you can work better with others in your office or manage your team better at work, the Enneagram is what will give you that knowledge and clarity.

While using the app, you will be guided through selected statements of the different Enneagram types, giving you greater insight and a clearer awareness of the way your own mind and behavioral patterns work. Using this knowledge will help you to co-exist and co-operate with the larger community in a more positive and confident way.

The app helps you to pinpoint your Enneagram type and offers short and easy-to-understand descriptions and characteristics of each type. .

Download the iEnneagram TEST app and use it to understand specific Enneagram types of behavior and create a happier and more co-operative relationship with others.

About MINDSETMAX ™ Technology

The MINDSETMAX™ technology was founded by John Rhodes, Growth Mindset Trainer, Building Excellence Trainer and President of the Danish NLP Association.

MINDSETMAX™ technology is a proven concept, with insights derived from various industries, including the telecommunications sector, the financial sector, print media, etc. and has already excited and benefited several people, worldwide.

The individual phases of the MINDSETMAX™ technology are created using the modeling philosophy, which is the praxis of decoding the efficient Growth Mindset strategies of experts in every area, and from these results – create a toolbox/model that can be used by anybody in a step by step procedure.

MINDSETMAX™ technology arms you with an awareness about your own thinking and behavioral patterns using tools like NLP and the Enneagram.  This awareness increases sound mental health, assists with developing a growth mindset or a global mindset so you may interact, engage with and work with others in a better way.

MINDSETMAX™ technology — releases the power to build your destiny using ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) NLP techniques, Enneagram Types, Enneagram Personality Test, Self Hypnosis etc.

Grow your mind. Grow your life!

Want to know more about the Enneagram? Here are our in-depth blog posts on Enneagramand its importance.


Personal development is an individual process. Mindsetmax as an organization, Mindsetmax employees, or any content within the apps – cannot be held liable for the meaning or feelings you experience when using our apps. The sole responsible person for your personal development is YOU, and only YOU.

This app, being a self study, is NOT a substitute for participating and interacting with other people in a well renowned NLP course physically supervised by at least a certified NLP Trainer. This app is intended to assist the NLP student before, during and after becoming certified as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master etc.

Striving for excellence in any field, requires hours, months or even years of practical real life application after the education – ie. being NLP certified – has ended. This app therefore does NOT in any way, certify you to setup a practice using NLP theory or NLP Techniques on other people.

Take the second step to change your life and improve relationships by downloading the iEnneagram TEST app.

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