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The iMindsetmax application gives you:

  1. CHANGE – Mindset CHANGE psychology today
  2. FOCUS – Mindset FOCUS for Sound Mental Health
  3. PROGRESS – Mindset Learn for Growth Mindset PROGRESS

Price: $2.99

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iMindsetmax – Learn to change your mindset and enjoy sound mental health.

iMindsetmax app

The iMindsetmax application gives you tools you need to:
1. CHANGE –Learn to change your mindset for positive mental health.
2. FOCUS – Find focus that helps you grow.
3. PROGRESS – Get tools to empower progress and create a Growth Mindset.

iMindsetmax app content

This application contains:
– 24 detailed sections describing the required Mindset theory
– 3 effective techniques to stop or overcome  your FEAR, defeat depression thinking and overcome OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mindset max theory

Do you want to be the success story you dream about?

Do you want to achieve your goals and be more focused?

Do you want to live life the way it’s meant to be- with balance, harmony and growth?

If yes, then all you need to do is redefine your mindset, uplevel your thinking and gain a more global attitude, and MINDSETMAX™ is here to help you with building the foundation of sound mental health.

The iMindsetmax App: A Powerful Tool for Psychology Today

The iMindsetmax app can be used to boost sound mental health using different aspects of psychology today.

Each theory included in the app will contribute techniques that boost the Growth Mindset.

About MINDSETMAX ™ Technology

The MINDSETMAX™ technology was founded by John Rhodes, Growth Mindset Trainer, Building Excellence Trainer and President of the Danish NLP Association.

MINDSETMAX™ technology is a proven concept, with insights derived from various industries, including the telecommunications sector, the financial sector, print media, etc. and has already excited and benefited several people, worldwide.

The individual phases of the MINDSETMAX™ technology are created using the modeling philosophy, which is the praxis of decoding the efficient Growth Mindset strategies of experts in every area, and from these results – create a toolbox/model that can be used by anybody in a step by step procedure.

MINDSETMAX™ technology arms you with an awareness about your own thinking and behavioral patterns. This awareness increases sound mental health, assists with developing a growth mindset or a global mindset so you may interact, engage with and work with others in a better way.

MINDSETMAX™ technology — releases the power to build your destiny using ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) NLP techniques, Enneagram Types, Enneagram Personality Test, Self Hypnosis etc.

Grow your mind. Grow your life!

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