NLP 101 Change Your Thoughts to Fine Tune Your Performance

NLP 101 Change Your Thoughts to Fine Tune Your Performance

NLP 101: Change Your Thoughts to Fine Tune Your Performance

Change Your Thoughts to Fine Tune Your Performance

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” ― Santosh Kalwar


Our thoughts determine who we are, how we feel and what we do. That’s right. Thoughts are powerful and you can use them to improve your performance in pretty much any field.


Using NLP to Change Your Thoughts

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you become aware of your thoughts, behavior and the words you use to talk about what you do, your self and your circumstances.


Developed in the 1970s, NLP has fast become the “technology of achievement” and by using NLP communication skills, you can change your thoughts to fine-tune your performance at work, in your personal life, with peers and even, in difficult or challenging situations.


Change Your Thoughts and Make Them Count

Several sports studies have shown that athletes use internal dialog or self-talk to motivate themselves. This descriptive study of athletes and self-talk indicates several other studies of athletes using self-talk for motivational purposes and to improve their confidence.


By becoming aware of their thoughts during training and then, while competing, they are able to remove negative feelings and thoughts of low self-esteem and instead, use this internal dialog or NLP Anchoring Techniques to get into the “state of flow” that then, empowers them to literally flow through the competition and show their best performance.


How to Get Started with NLP and Changing Your Thoughts

In our earlier post on mindset training and developing a growth mindset, we’d outlined the 5 steps to create the best “you” one can be.


“The first rule of Mindset Training is to look at what you’re doing right, which sustains your short or long term goals, and also what you’re doing “wrong” that removes your focus from where you really want to be or what you want to have.”


Head over here to read the complete post Mindset Training 5 tips for a Growth Mindset to help you get started with changing your thoughts to reach your full potential.


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In Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: The Wisdom of the Tao, Dr. Dyer has reviewed hundreds of the Tao te Ching’s translations and written 81 essays to help you apply the wisdom of the Tao to the modern world. From Living an Unhurried Life to Living Self-Mastery to Living in Obscurity, Dr, Dyer helps you to find a way to change your thoughts to lead a live that is balanced, moral and uplifting.

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iNLP1-2-3 vol.1 : To help you understand the basics of NLP and equip you with 3 techniques to CHANGE your thoughts effectively and quickly.


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