NLP 101 Change Your Thoughts to Turn Stress into Success

NLP 101 Change Your Thoughts to Turn Stress into Success

NLP 101: Change Your Thoughts to Turn Stress into Success

Change Your Thoughts to Turn Stress into Success

Stress is fast becoming a lifestyle disease and the cause for many physiological conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and hormonal disorders.


What if we told you that your response to stress is something that you can easily control and change? That by changing your thoughts you can turn stress into success?


That is right!


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Here is how the principles of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming function to help you change your thoughts and transform stressful conditions into success:

1. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

More often than not, our thoughts are in reactive mode and so we fail to see that we, alone, can control how we respond to a situation. Our reactions are in our control and by paying attention to how we think about a situation, we can control our reaction to it and therefore, reduce stress.


For instance, if you’re headed for a job interview and are stressed about how it would go. You can acknowledge those stressful thoughts and instead, replace them with thoughts of succeeding at that interview. So, when you do reach the venue, you will be calmer, more confident and more likely to ace the interview as well.


2. Accept the Unchangeable

Changing our thoughts and turning stressful situations into successful ones also requires accepting that some conditions and circumstances are beyond our control. Again, what we can control is how we respond to those conditions.


For instance, while heading to the interview, the car you’re driving gets a flat. You can either choose to burst a vein fretting about the flat or you can calmly change the tire and move on.


Similarly, the past is not changeable. By stressing over past circumstances and missed opportunities, you will only be ruining your present.


3. Look at the Big Picture and Stay Positive

It is easy to get swamped with everything that life throws at you and that people say to you and start believing them to be true. That is why it is vital to surround yourself with positive thoughts and people who believe in you while guiding you gently as well. Not only that, looking at the big picture is also a helpful way to reduce the stress and turn it into a positive learning experience.


For instance, while preparing for the interview, listen to tips from experts on how to ace it, talk with a friend who is in the same industry and is supportive of your goals, share your career vision on a vision board.


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iNLP1-2-3 vol.1 : To help you understand the basics of NLP and equip you with NLP Anchoring Techniques to CHANGE your thoughts effectively via changed emotions.

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