NLP for Parents: Getting Started

NLP for Parents: Getting Started

NLP for Parents: Getting Started

NLP for Parents: Getting Started

So far we’ve talked about how you can use Neuro Linguistic Programming to change your thoughts, fine tune your performance, create a millionaire mindset.

Today, let’s look at how NLP can work to help you be a better parent.


Being a parent isn’t an easy job. Really, it probably is one of the toughest jobs that involves managing others, treating them with respect and love, while giving them direction and clarity as well. Tough, right?


No wonder then NLP can work wonders to help in making parenting easier and more effective.



Getting Started with Neuro Linguistic Programming as a Parent

Here are 3 ways Here’s how to get started with using NLP as a parent:

1. Reinforce the Good
Rewarding good behavior is a great way to encourage children to do more of that. If you focus on negative behavior only, chances are you’ll only get more of negative behavior. However, keep your praise specific and reward the action more than the result to encourage a growth mindset as well.

2. Understand Your Child by Being Like Them
While being a parent is tough, it isn’t easy being a child as well. After all, you have to depend upon an adult understanding what you need, when you need it and the lack of independence can be frustrating to many kids.

Understand your child better by stepping into their shoes and be a part of their lives rather than just live with them. For instance, make weeknights a family board game or book reading night and really talk to them, understand them, and help them channelize their feelings and emotions.


3. Change Your Own Behavior
Finally remember that as the adult, you, can change your own reactions and behaviors to help your child. If you notice that you lack patience, use NLP to change that. If you feel you’re stressed and overwhelmed, make use of NLP techniques to dissolve the stress. When you change, your situation as a parent will also change.


The techniques and training of NLP can be applied effectively to parenting and we are going to explore it in greater details in upcoming posts.


In the meanwhile, do check out:


Recommended Reading – NLP Lessons:

NLP For Parents by Judy Bartkowiak

This book will help you be confident; be able to say ‘no’ and feel OK about it; be aware of the choices available; be solution focussed, calm and controlled; And learn some great skills to pass on to your kids.


Recommended NLP Video:

Effective NLP Teaching Skills For the Classroom


Recommended Apps – NLP Online:

iNLP 1-2-3 vol. 1 (CHANGE) : to help you change how you feel and pinpoint what is holding you back.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by learning NLP for Parents today!