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NLP Techniques for New Moms

NLP for New Moms: How to use NLP Techniques

NLP for New Moms: How to use NLP Techniques to Ease the Challenges of Being a New Mother

In our last post, we’d talked about how to use NLP techniques for parenting and encourage our children to be their best selves, without the yelling and bribing.

Today, let’s look at how a new mother can use NLP techniques to manage the tumultuous early days with a wee baby.



The Life of a New Mom

New mothers are naturally overjoyed to have their bundle of joy in their arms but let’s be honest, it can be tough too. From middle-of-the-night feeds to endless diaper changes to dealing with colic and all of this on literally, little to no sleep. Yes, things can be tough.

Add to this if a mother has had a difficult time during birth, there is the stress of dealing with that too.

Yes, life as a new mother can be challenging but with the effective use of NLP techniques, you can change how you feel ie. with NLP Anchoring Techniques and enjoy the early days of being with baby.


Feeling Safe with NLP Seduction

A new mom needs to feel safe and supported and gently guided NLP techniques will help her to experience that. NLP techniques are designed to help individuals not only understand the mind-body connection but also leverage it powerfully and effectively. With new moms who feel overwhelmed, NLP works really well by helping them understand how their unconscious mind impacts their body and once they know that they’re in control, they feel much stronger and better.


Changing How You Feel with NLP Techniques

Neuro-linguistic programming techniques are centered around the core presupposition that we are in control of our mind and therefore, we control our results too. As an overwhelmed new mom, you would feel a lot better simply by changing the way you’re thinking and viewing the situation. Changing your internal dialog and making gentle switches will help impact your overall wellbeing and state of mind by utilizing NLP Techniques Anyone Can Use.


Recommended Reading – NLP Books:

NLP for New Mums by Judy Bartkowiak: In this book, you will find NLP exercises, tips and techniques for dealing with important life changes during pregnancy and later as a new mom. There are chapters on: using the power of your mind to help you get pregnant; anchoring a calm, confident and resourceful state; understanding the new ‘you’ and adjusting to the life changes; building rapport and self esteem; coping with the emotional highs and lows; dealing with sibling rivalry.


Recommended NLP Video:

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Recommended Apps – NLP Online:

iNLP 1-2-3 vol. 1 (CHANGE) : to help you change how you feel and pinpoint what is holding you back.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by learning NLP Techniques for New Moms today!