Growth mindset

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset and the opposite fixed mindset

According to the German physicist Albert Einstein: “A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”, which in another way means that it is almost impossible for us to think out-of-the-box when we have created a problem for ourselves from within our conscious boundaries. Furthermore, our core belief and value system has been created mostly during our childhood (without upgrading much since), and this kind of relatively obsolete foundation is what we do our best with until we are inspired by another persons approach (growth mindset) to a given problem.
Teaching Growth Mindsets or just learning to implement an appreciative inquiry at the micro level, meaning to champion our successes and progress, however small they may seem – is a transformational strategy that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and growth mindset for most people. Furthermore, to erase words like “impossible” and “difficult” from the vocabulary may spark a new beginning searching for words to describe a given problem in a new and productive way.
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Growth Mindset affected by nature or nurture?

According to the American developmental biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton’s profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.
So retracing the earlier statement from Albert Einstein: “A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”, also means that what we learn receiving nurture has a profound impact on our Growth Mindset Activities or how fixed they are, until we are inspired (usually by somebody else’s growth mindset) to change.

Growth Mindset contained by control

A mindset transcends on of these Growth Mindset Quotes: “Do not make a permanent decision, on a temporary emotion”. Therefore a growth mindset is more like the ultimate guidelines or toolbox containing an individual value codex and relevant supporting beliefs, to the extent of assisting with navigating throughout the numerous interactions with other people, maybe searching for the one thing that you can contribute with.
Joseph Campbell once wrote: “We must give up the life we have planned, to really experience the life that is waiting for us”. So control means a secure comfort zone. And comfort zone is inside the box. And inside the box is a fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset developed in organizations

A well defined mindset will create growth and help the individual employee to become self reliant and even proactive towards the goals of the organisation. The leaders have the responsibility of clear and precise communication and delegating at the relevant time, the employees have the responsibility of interacting with the leader according to the consequences at their task level.

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Therefore, grow your mind – grow your life by cultivating a Growth Mindset!