Personal Development Goals: How to Stay Motivated

Personal Development Goals: How to Stay Motivated


Personal development goals are exciting and an essential for progress and growth as humans.


However, when working on our personal development goals and living life as is, it can get challenging to stay motivated.


You may come up against time crunches that don’t let you spend enough time on learning or working on your goal.


You may find it difficult to keep going.


Yes, staying motivated when going through change is key to making that change and growth happen.



Here are tips on how to stay motivated when working on those personal development goals:


1. Set Realistic Goals


Start by setting goals that are realistic yet not too easy. Not just that, break down the action steps you’ll take to achieve that goal and review them to see if you can actually do them.


For instance, if you know you have a packed schedule with no time for an extra class or course, signing up to a foreign language course at the Uni will leave you exhausted and drained.


However, if you choose to learn that foreign language by using an app on your smartphone or by listening to tapes as you drive to work, you’ll be able to work on your goal, stay motivated and not get exhausted in the process too.


2. Seek Inspiration Everyday


Motivation makes motivation.


Really. Staying inspired is a great way to stay motivated and focused on your goals.


Read about success stories of people who’ve worked on these goals before you.


Talk to friends who support your personal development goals and can cheer you on.


Surround yourself with mindset-changing apps, books, quotes, pictures that serve to uplift you and fire you up to move forward towards your goal with single-minded focus.


3. Turn Personal Development Goals into a Game


Finally, one of the fun ways to work on staying motivated is to fuel that competitive spirit.


Turn your goals into a game, with “steps” you need to take and a reward at the end. Celebrate each step you take that gets you closer and visualize the reward at the end.


Staying motivated is key to making those personal development goals become a reality so make sure you have a healthy dose of inspiration, encouragement and spirit to get you going and keep you moving!
What are some of the other things do YOU do for personal development or developing your mindset?
Have you thought of your top 10 personal development goals or even the top 5 personal development goals for 2015?

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