Personal Development Goals: Top Examples for Work

Personal Development Goals: Top Examples for Work


Personal development goals are key when it comes to succeeding and growing as an individual in any sphere of life. This significance becomes even more important when it comes to your career or work.



Today, let’s look at what are some of the best examples of Personal Development Goals for work which will help you succeed:


1. Learning Goals


Growing your knowledge about your profession, industry or niche is an excellent personal development goal to have since it will tie in wonderfully with other goals, like income and value-based goals and help you meet those as well.


Some examples:


1. Read one book about my profession every month.
2. Attend a conference for my industry this year.
3. Join a weekly meeting mastermind or mentorship program.


2. Income Goals


These are monetary goals and may rely on other goals to be met, like your learning goals, when you’re in a job.


However, you can increase income when in a job by thinking out of the box, say selling stuff on eBay or Amazon or by taking on a second job, if needed.


For instance:


1. Earn an extra $500 this month by selling XYZ products on Amazon
2. Apply for a promotion based on additional learning, experience and training which will lead to a 20% pay hike.


3. Value-Based Goals


Value based goals are those that help you develop and meet your ethics and value standards.


For instance,


1. Never gossip or backtalk about a coworker or with coworkers.
2. Meet deadlines on projects
3. Exercise creativity by finding a new way to do ONE thing every month.


4. Priority-Driven Goals


Your personal development depends on how you set and respect your priorities at work. Is being focused at work a priority? Is having a clean desk at the end of the day a priority?


For example:


1. Stop multi-tasking to focus full attention on the task at hand and complete it efficiently and without errors.


2. Wrap up work and power down your laptop 30 minutes before you leave so you can clear up your desk of paperwork, etc.


Setting personal development goals and creating a personal development plan will empower you to keep moving ahead and seeing growth and progress in the workplace. The best part is that most goals don’t work in isolation but are interdependent and will help you to experience greater success as an individual and a professional.

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