Personality Test

Personality Test

Personality Test

A personality test taken with the purpose of unveiling several new layers of personality, will give you the best result and most open minded approach for learning new insights about yourself.

Testing your personality is a test about your personality where you receive a status of yourself here and now. A personality test is a targeted image of you as a person, and even though most personality tests have categories within their theories, they often become very detailed when spending time and mapping you out in a post personal interview.



Personality Test – which are there ?

Below are some of the most popular personality test available :

Extended DISC test (Best Personality Test)

Enneagram test

Emotional Intelligence test

Depression test

DISC test

Myers Briggs Personality Test – MBTI

Stress test


Tests – when are they used ?

Personality tests are used by an employer during recruitment, that you may experience during your job interviews and application process, and are supplemental rather than the final decision making basis, when a serious methodology has been established to recruit new employees and hold candidate interviews.
Setup demands then, when you’re confronted with a personality test, for receiving personal feedback of your results – instead of the results standing by themselves without your accompanying comments.



Personality test – how often ?

A test can be taken online often in less than half an hour. That’s why we recommend taking a personality test at a minimum of every six months either personally to expand the insight within yourself, or as an employee to be able to track your change and competency development within your own self management.

How can they be used to Find My Personality Type ?

Be aware that a test produces a more or less nuanced picture of you as a person based on your answers. Your answers can be authentically based on who you really are, or can be based on what you think the person receiving your personality test wishes that you answer. That’s why personal development requires insight – meaning that a “true” result of you based on a personality test, requires insight in yourself as a person.

A personality test is therefore far from the truth about you, and in some cases depends on how well you know yourself.


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