Personality Tests

Personality Tests


Personality Tests


Personality tests are typically a questionnaire or other homogenized instruments designed to make known aspects of a person’s character or psychological makeup.


The very first personality tests were introduced in 1920s and were meant to ease the procedure of personnel selection, mainly in the armed forces. Since these early efforts, a wide variation of personality tests have come about – Myers-Briggs Personality Test, Extended DISC Test, DISC Test, Enneagram Test etc.



Importance of Personality Tests


Personality tests today have become a huge industry and are used in a variety of contexts, also including relationship and personal counseling, career personality tests, customer interaction management, employee selection and development, and personal development.


Personality Test Questions


There are varied types of personality tests. The most used is objective personality tests, also referred to as self-report inventory tests. These tests entail the administration of many questions to an individual who respond by rating the amount to which each question reflects their behavior in a given situation and can be rated objectively.



Personality Tests and its Characteristics


A sample question on a personality test, might ask individuals to rate the degree to which they concur with the statement “I normally talk to lots of different people at parties” by indicating on a scale of 1 {strongly disagree} to a scale of 5 {strongly agree}. One of the most commonly used objective test of personality is the MMPI or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory which was initially designed to differentiate individuals with different psychological difficulties. It has for a long time become a popular means of attempting to recognize personality characteristics of people in many commonplace settings.




One of the problems of personality tests is the users of these tests have to suppose that the subjective answers that are given by the participants, represent their actual personality, and hence, give a fair representation of their personalities. Also, one has to assume that personality is a constant, reliable part of the human behavior.


Another issue with these tests is that respondents are frequently able to misrepresent their responses. In some of these tests respondents can become prey to striving to select the answer they think fits best of an ideal character and therefore not their real response, which then delivers unreliable results.


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