Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015

Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015


Self improvement tips or self improvement ideas for a more successful and financially abundant year are useful only when you turn the tips into measurable actions.



While the new year may still be a few weeks away, we want you to get a headstart and start taking action right now.


These self improvement tips are applicable all the time, so you don’t have to wait for the 1st of January to roll around.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015#1. Set SMART Goals


A journey without a destination isn’t a journey at all.


Setting goals that get your going and make an impact on your life are the first stepping stone for your success. Start your self improvement journey by setting goals that are




Setting goals that meet these criteria will help you gain momentum and keep that going as you start seeing results and differences in your life.


An example of a SMART goal for better health can be : Join a gym and workout 3 days a week for the next 30 days to see X improvement in stamina and lose X number of pounds.


An example of a SMART goal for greater success will be: Finish X project by writing X number of pages by X date and create a detailed launch plan to sell X number of copies.


Every goal that you write or create for yourself must be specific, measurable in some way, achievable, realistic and timely in order for it to lead you to greater success.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015#2. Stay Organized and Productive


All the self improvement tips in the world would be of little use if you weren’t organized and a good time manager.


Staying focused on your task, having a list of action items to work on, being aware of where you time is going are all small steps that will ensure you stay organised and productive and don’t let time be the master of you.


Keeping something as simple as a daily diary or a master calendar will ensure that you track your time and use it wisely to work on your goals rather than fritter it away meaninglessly.


Self Improvement Tips for a Successful 2015#3. Nourish Your Mind


While it is key that you work on your goals, track your time and use it wisely, it is also vital that you nourish your mind with non-work activities. Yes, because all work and no play does make Jack or Jill a very dull person.


At the same time, you must be selective of how you choose to nourish your mind. Watching mindless television that doesn’t contribute to your mental health in any way isn’t helpful. Neither is gossiping with fellow workers after work.


However, if you feed your mind with positive affirmations, mindset changing apps and books that create a positive impact, you’ll see a difference in how you lead and experience your life.


So, nourish your mind carefully and feed it only the healthiest and most wholesome information.


Do YOU constantly think about “How to better myself”?


What self improvement tips will you be taking and applying to your life in 2015?

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