Anhedonia is a common sign of depression

Signs of depression

Signs of depression

The symptoms, or signs of depression vary from person to person. Depending on your background, it might differ in terms of which of these symptoms you will experience, but a general rule of thumb is this: the more of them you checkmark, and the longer they last, the more serious your condition and the more important it is that you seek help. However, just because you might have some of the following symptoms, doesn’t mean that you suffer from clinical depression (MDD). Read about depression facts to learn more about what depression is and what it is not.

Some common signs of depression

In order of commonality, the signs of depression include:

• Feelings of despair: you have no hopes for the future and your view on life is as black and bleak as can be. Expectations to yourself and your self-worth are severely diminished, and feelings of guilt are increasing. You feel no motivation to do anything. This is the most common sign of depression.
• In women, excessive feelings are common: it takes much less to make you irritated/angry, you are less tolerant and you are more likely to cry for reasons you cannot explain
• No desire in previously pleasurable activities (anhedonia): you once enjoyed going out with friends, but now have little or no desire to do so. Former causes of excitement, for example boyfriend bringing home flowers, kids scoring good grades or warm and sunny weather now have little or no effect on you – you just don’t care anymore.
• Loss of energy and concentration: you once enjoyed cooking, but now just the thought of it makes you tired. You feel distracted by the smallest things, as you constantly procrastinate even important things.
• Changes in appetite and weight: you have little appetite and do not enjoy food as much as you once did. Consequently, you experience heavy weight losses.

In case you recognize the signs of depression

If you feel like crap and you don’t want to do anything but lie in bed all day with no desire or energy to do anything, including eating, and you just want to forget about everything… then you might be going through a period of depression. That being said, there have been misdiagnoses of depression. But if you’re really sure, you can try to overcome your depression by yourself or seek drug-free professional help, depending on how serious it is.

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