A constant need to wash hands that are already clean is a sign of OCD and one of the signs of mental illness

Signs of mental illness

Signs of mental illness

Signs of mental illness explained: In the global medical world, there is a name for just about anything you could imagine – and mental illnesses is no exception. Far from it. There are literally hundreds of symptoms and hundreds of diagnosable illnesses. Below are listed some of the most common.


Signs of mental illness: Indication examples

As a rule of thumb, it’s a sign of mental illness, if you see behavior or attitude patterns in yourself that you do not see in people around you. However, a person suffering from ADHD or Tourettes will obviously see patterns of abnormal behavior in themselves, but this article will not describe chronic disorders. It will only describe signs of mental illnesses that can be acquired and thus cured. Some examples of signs could thus be:

  • Being afraid of, and thus uncomfortable by, things that people are normally not afraid of (e.g. being in public areas, being in an elevator, shaking someone’s hand and fearing germ infection or seeing spiders and fearing what they might do)
  • Feeling down, guilty, sorrow, and having no interest in anything is a sign of depression among others. Read this article for more signs of depression.
  • Your mood going up and down constantly, even outside of menstrual periods
  • Being unable to perform daily tasks because you cannot remember how, what to do, or what for (dementia)
  • If you hear voices inside your head or see impossible things. People like Joan of Arc or other people who claim to have been visited by angels, ghosts, dead family members or something else may just have been victims of Schizophrenia.
  • Constant bad dreams about the same thing (a sign of PTSD)
  • If orderliness is extremely important – if everything in the house has its correct position and it bothers you if they are gone or replaced by just an inch (OCD)
  • If you cannot bring yourself to throw things out, but pile everything together (mania)


Signs of mental illness: What you can do

Do you recognize yourself in some of these signs, but can’t be bothered to see the doctor? Or you just don’t want to talk about it? We know that feeling which is why we have made apps specifically to cope with shyness, anxiety and depression. We also have a mental health test that you can take.

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