Simple Growth Mindset Habits for a Happier Year

Simple Growth Mindset Habits for a Happier Year


Growth mindset is the key to greater success, more confidence and a better lifestyle.



Here are simple, easy and effective habits that you can use on a daily basis for a happier year ahead!


Growth Mindset Habit #1-Keep Learning


Learning keeps the mind from stagnating and becoming fixed. Whether you learn for fun or for work, learning new skills, practicing them, dealing with challenges and facing failure are all essential to growing your mindset and enjoying new things.


When your mind is sharpened and flexible, growth and happiness come much easier.


Growth Mindset Habit #2-Commit to Taking Action


Momentum builds momentum. Taking action keeps you moving and movement and growth go hand in hand. Whether you commit to learning a new language, becoming better at martial arts or growing your business bottomline, break the goal down into actionable steps and keep taking one step forward every single day.


Keep your eye on the goal and treat every challenge as a stepping stone, a learning experience.


Growth Mindset Habit #3-Practice Gratitude


Gratitude is good for growth and happiness. When you look around and count your blessings you can’t help but feel joy at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown.


Spending 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening being grateful for everything is key for a happier year and life.


Growth Mindset Habit #4-Nourish Your Mind for a Growth Mindset All Year Round


Finally, the essence of changing your mind and enjoying a growth mindset is to nourish your mind and feed it with positive, wholesome thoughts, tools and ideas. Whether you use a mindset app or read books, attend seminars, keep feeding your mind with thoughts that encourage it to grow, expand and evolve.


How will YOU be enjoying more happiness in the new year?

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