Surprisingly Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Change Your Life

Surprisingly Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Change Your Life

Surprisingly Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Change Your Life

Surprisingly Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Change Your Life

In our last few posts, we have been talking about the power of positive sayings and exploring different ways to change your life.


Whether you’re ready to start using NLP or mindset training to change your life or not, you can start using some simple yet massively powerful ways to see positive shifts in your thoughts and your life.




One of the Change Your Life Quotes are ‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.’ ~Mike Murdock


Today, let’s look at some of these simple ways to change your thoughts and build Motivation to Change Your Life:


Words and new Habits can start to Change Your Life

1. Remove or Replace “I Can’t” From Your Vocabulary

Start by stopping each time you hear yourself say, “I can’t do….” Remember, you can do whatever your mind is set to. It is only a temporary condition that prevents you from doing so. So, instead of saying, “ I can’t swim”, say “I haven’t tried it yet” or “ I don’t know how to swim”. Removing “can’t” from your vocabulary opens you up to possibility and potential. Try it.


2. Develop a Good Habit

Nothing comes out of inaction. You may think all the good, positive thoughts you want but if you don’t take action to make a change, you wouldn’t see the results. So, start by forming one good habit each month. Filling your life with good habits will empower you to focus on positives and weed out the negatives without you even realizing it. Why wait to Change Your Life at 50 when you can start today ?


Responsibility and Accountability help you Change Your Life successfully

3. Make One Change at a Time

Closely related to developing a good habit is making changes one at a time. Don’t get all fired up and decide to change everything in your life. Instead, focus on changing ONE thing, one baby step at a time.


4. Stay Accountable

Finally, find someone or something that will help you stay accountable. Whether it is your partner, a friend, a colleague at work, or an online support group on Facebook, share YOUR goals and your struggles. You’ll see shifts happen instantly.


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by learning to take the Change Your Life Challenge and feel better today!