Teaching Kids About the Enneagram: What Children Can Learn from A Modern Personality Test

Teaching Kids About the Enneagram Types: What Children Can Learn from A Modern Personality Test

Teaching Kids About the Enneagram Types: What Children Can Learn from A Modern Personality Test

Teaching Kids About the Enneagram Types: What Children Can Learn from A Modern Personality Test

“Should you teach kids about the Enneagram?” is a question often asked and debated upon.

However, while teaching kids about the Enneagram Types is different from how you would administer it to a grown-up, the results and the impact is quite similar.

Children, who know their enneatypes are more capable of understanding their inherent motivations from an early age and use them to chart out their future progress and growth.




The Enneagram Types Test Helps with Insight

Knowing Enneagram Types can help children understand how they think and function and therefore, adapt their actions accordingly. Download the Enneagram Type Test app today ! Or read more about the Enneagram Test and check Enneagram Type Compatibility


Here is what children can learn about themselves and what parents can learn about their kids from the Enneagram:

1. Dealing with Life Situations

Knowing one’s inherent motivations can help children understand how and why they behave in a different way in the same situation and also, help parents understand why their kids act the way they do. This greater understanding of behavior is key to developing a healthy relationship of the child with their parents and also, with their own sense of self-esteem.


2. Setting Expectations and Goals

When a child has self-knowledge, he or she will be able to set the right goals and expectations and not place undue pressure on himself based on what others are doing.


3. Treating Each Child as Unique and Respecting the Difference

Finally and most importantly, the Enneagram helps both parents and children understand the differences and uniqueness they possess and how casting a child into a mold is not just difficult but also detrimental to their overall personality development. As Elizabeth Wagele writes, “Personality typology explains why we frustrate each other. It’s not always because we don’t think straight or don’t have common sense, it’s often because we’re born with different ways of looking at the world. This produces different values. When we try to walk in others’ shoes (when we learn the Enneagram), our frustration eases and dealing with our family members, students, teachers, or fellow students becomes easier.”


Recommended Reading :

Finding the Birthday Cake: Helping Children Raise Their Self-Esteem by Elizabeth Wagele


Based on the ancient Enneagram theory (“ennea” is Greek for nine; “gram” means drawing), this delightful book explores the nine styles of personalities and teaches children how to value differences, embrace diversity, and create a world of peace and acceptance.


Recommended Apps:

iEnneagram TYPES: The iEnneagram TYPES iPhone or Android application helps to broaden your diversity perception, to reveal your limiting behavior, and gives you tools to change from within.


How do YOU think the Enneagram can help children? Share with us in the Mindsetmax community on Facebook and Twitter to discuss how YOU can use the Enneagram as a parent !


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Therefore, Grow your mind – grow your life by learning about the Enneagram Types and take an Enneagram Test !